Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer 2010

So, anime has reached a new season entering the Summer releases (Winter for me) and I thought I'd try something a little different. Normally I sit down and choose two or three animes from the new season and follow them, dropping them behind a bit if they aren't great. This time, all for the sake of you, I'll be following a large majority of the new animes being released. I won't be following sequels, nor shows that look outrageously bad (I'm looking at you Mitsudomoe).

To give you a run down of the Summer 2010 seasons, the guys over at Chart Fag are gracious enough to always put together season charts for the new releases. The one pertaining to this challenge is this one. Out of a possible 21 animes, I will be watching 11 of them. 7 of the 10 I'm missing are sequels and the other 3 really look terrible, either in art, plot, or both.

After I've seen the first episode of the 11 I'm following, I'll give my first impressions on each and leave it alone until episode 5 of each. At that point I'll decide which shows I'll continue following until their conclusions and which ones I'll be abandoning with all haste. Hopefully this will help you guys choose which animes you want to check out after the season is over, or catch up on while they're still running.

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