Monday, February 15, 2010

Anime Review - Kimi-kiss ~ Pure Rouge Special

Director: Kasai Kenichi
Length: 1 episode
Year 2007-08

So, clearly not content with torturing myself by watching an entire series that I didn't like, I decided I had to watch the special episode as well. I expected more of the same, in other words, crap. But I was pleasantly surprised by how fun it was to watch. Compared to the main series anyway.

The plot revolves around a minor character of the main series, and I was damn happy about that. I was interested in this character, unlike any from the main series, and although she wasn't expanded on in any significant way, I was still far more interested than I had been for the previous 5 or so hours of watching the rest of the anime. Love is still the main plot point, but it's handled much better. It's about a girl looking for love, not about a few school kids who happen across it because they feel like it. But even then, it's not just about a girl looking for love, it has some twists that make it interesting. Really, it's still not great, but after watching the main series I was happy for it to be better than that, and that was certainly good enough for me.The animation is essentially the same as the main series. A few mistakes in mouth animation, but nothing else significant. However, it felt better since I liked what I was seeing, rather than being bored of it. Nothing else to say about that. In fact, since it's so short, I'll say the same about the music. Same as the main series.Now, onto the fun part. I enjoyed this! well, compared to the series I did. If I watched it as a standalone I'd enjoy it less since it still isn't great in most compartments, but after watching the series this was a huge step up in enjoyment. I almost found myself caring! I'm still not advising that you watch this, but if you liked the series, you should love this.

Plot 6/10
Animation 7/10
Sound 4/10
Enjoyment 6/10
Overall 23/40
Grade C

- Kind of cared about the character
- Still didn't care about anyone else

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